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Basketball is absolutely massive in Leicester with hundreds of students taking part in one form or another. Why not be part of something fun, social and rewarding?


This year promises to be one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory with plans to: host tournaments throughout the year, hold exciting socials that do not revolve around alcohol (but don’t worry, alcohol will be present…) and of course, participate in competitive Basketball against other universities.



The best part is that there is something for everyone; whether you are brand new to the sport or consider yourself the next Lebron James. Join our page today and discover all the brilliant things that the University of Leicester Basketball Club has to offer!




Club Captains: Nicholas Ravazzani and Tesfa Abrahaley (Men's) & Victoire Sineau (Women's)




Email, (Women's Team),  and (Men's Team)




Membership Price: £50 for the Men's Team. £35 for the Women's Team.






Riders Arena
Men's 2nd Team (5:30pm-7:30pm)
Men's 1st Team (9pm-10:30pm)

Roger Bettles
Women's First Team (8pm-10pm)

Charles Wilson (half court)
Women's 2nd Team (8pm-10pm)
Men's 3rd Team/Men's 4th Team (8pm-10pm)

Danielle Brown
Men's 1st Team/Men's 2nd Team (8pm-10pm)

Roger Bettles
Women's Teams (8pm-10pm)

Danielle Brown
Men's 1st Team/Men's 2nd Team (10pm-12pm)
Let's Do Leicester Scrimmage (1pm-4pm)
Men's 3rd Team (4pm-6pm)
Men's 4th Team (6pm-7:30pm)





Match days

BUCS: Wednesdays

CVL, LBBL (local league): Mondays



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