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Welcome to Boxing Society! We hold weekly training sessions and lots of different socials that we will be carrying out throughout the year. Check out our membership options below and sign up asap!

  • As a new established society that is focused around fitness, we are carrying out training sessions, at least twice a week, that will help people pursue a fitter lifestyle. Our Level 2 England Boxing Certified Coach will enhance members' technique of the sweet science of Boxing.
  • Boxing offers something for everyone: all genders, levels' of ability and fitness level. If you just want to get or stay fit in an enjoyable environment, then the intense group circuit workouts at the end of each of our training sessions will be the right thing for you too as the session will develop each component of fitness.
  • The purpose of the society is not only to promote positive physical fitness but also to build self confidence whilst providing the opportunity for students to also get a chance to meet other like-minded students too!


  1. Pay as you go = £15 registration fee + £2 per session fee

  2. Term Pass = £28 (covers registration fees & session fees)

  3. March Pass = £10 (covers reg fee + 8 session fees)

If you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us!
President - Usman F
Email -
Treasurer - Umar M
Email -
Secretary - Duvaraha K
Email -
Or contact us at our Boxing society email:
Make sure you follow us on facebook and instragram (links provided above), as we will be posting important information about upcoming events!
Sign up and be part of one of the most enjoyable University Sports Club. 


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