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Welcome to the E-sports & Gaming society! We do casual and competitive gaming against other Universities nationally and we hold our own tournaments with prizes for our members.

A growing community all about gaming with various events and tournaments! 


Whether you are a casual or serious gamer, everyone is welcome to join this society. Join and get involved with other players from University with games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS GO, Overwatch, Rocket League and many more! 

Find and meet other players from our University through the society via our discord.

Be sure to join our Facebook group for notifications and information on events. However we primarily use discord.


Lots of upcoming events such as tournaments, viewing parties, bar crawls and many more. We hope to also stream the tournaments, so if you are interested in casting and production of eSports, this is the opportunity for you.


If you are a competitive gamer then this is an opportunity to represent your University against other Universities across the country through the National University Esports League (NUEL) & National student E-sports (NSE) in various games, we also hold in house tournaments for the majority of games requested!




Membership (1 year): £5

President : Ben Sosteric

Vice President: Rob Yates

Treasuer: Azwad Rahman

Secretary: Harvey Rodgers

Social Secretary: Luca James

Well Being Officer: Gezrelle Reyes

Tournament Director: Joeseph Surzyn



For any queries contact one of the following:


 Rob : 





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