Sports Fund


The Sports Fund looks to help students and clubs in sporting initiatives that will not only help themselves, but help students around them. There are two strands that the Sports Fund looks to fund: club events and qualifications.

You can submit an application for funding via the link at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you have read through all of the information on this webpage before submitting an application.

Strands of funding

Club Events & ideas:

This looks to make a financial contribution or fund a specific element of an event or an idea, ran by a Team Leicester Club or Student Sports Group. The aim for this funding is to ensure the event or idea is the best it can be whilst helping as many students or other parties as possible. This strand will NOT be used as funding for a charity.


Officiating and coaching can become a high financial burden for clubs. Where applicable, funding will be given to clubs so that specific students will be able to take part in coaching or official courses. In return, the student will then have this valuable qualification for life and will be expected to coach or officiate for their club, for free (when available to do so).

Who will decide?

Once your application is received, the Sports Officer and the four members of Sports Council will decide whether to accept your application and how much to grant if you are successful.

When will it be decided?

Submissions can be made at any time. Applications will be reviewed every Monday. We will then endeavour to get a response to the applicant within the next 3 working days. You may also be required to come in for a consultation if the application is still in deliberation. Each application will be decided through a majority vote.


Framework for decision making

The following highlights the decision making process that the council will use when deciding who to fund. These are purely guidelines and do not automatically mean funding will be granted or not. Based on the score of the application, it will factor into the decision of the council. The council has the mind set of “We want to fund all sporting initiatives”. However, we need to highlight the potential negative implications of the application. See below for the scoring framework:








5 (Very High)



More than 2 months

More than 100 People



4 (High)



Between 1-2 months

51-100 People



3 (Moderate)



Between 2-4 weeks

11-50 People



2 (Low)



Between 1-2 weeks

4-10 People



1 (Very Low)



Less than a week

1-3 People




Level of risk (Through means of adding each category value)


Very High Risk (Consultation needed – low chance of approval)


High (Consultation needed)




Low (No Consultation needed)


Very Low Risk (No Consultation needed – High chance of approval)


Cost refers to how much it would take to fund the application.

Time refers to how long it will take to implement the funding.

Impact refers to how many people will be affected by this application.

Reputational risk refers to who bears the responsibility.



If Club A wants to host a one off tournament in Danielle Brown. It will cost them £100 and involved 50 participants. They also want the SU directly involved in the promotion of it: Cost (3), Time (1), Impact (3), and Responsibility (4). Total (11) – Low.



Club B wants to send 4 students on a coaching course that will cost £400. It is being offered by the University. It will take a month to complete: Cost (5), Time (4), Impact (2) and responsibility (5). Total (16) – High. Consultation needed.



Items that CANNOT be funded/Reasons for rejection


  • Committee exclusive events. Open your events to the whole society
  • One-off promotional materials (i.e. flyers, pens, key rings). Re-usable material e.g. Banners with no dates etc.
  • Social Balls or Galas (i.e. non-cultural events)
  • Personal items (I.e. clothing, uniform, personal equipment)
  • Alcohol
  • Refreshments for society events
  • Monthly applications for regular activities (societies should aim to be self-sustaining without relying on grant funding)
  • Individual affiliation to governing bodies, associations, or groups.
  • Travel discount cards (i.e. railcards, coach cards, and visitor Oyster cards)
  • Retrospective applications. Refer to section 5 for information on deadlines
  • Applications for items, events etc. that have been already paid. The ULSU Sports Fund is not a reimbursement scheme. If you need to make a payment in advance, please contact us
  • Websites for your society
  • Any applications that goes against the Leicester Students’ Union constitution, code of conduct and policies

The University of Leicester Students’ Union has full power to change these guidelines at any point. If an application is rejected, an appeal can be made. This will be in the form of a consultation meeting with The Sports Officer.


Raising money for the Sports Fund

Clubs are encouraged to host fundraisers and events to help raise funds for the sports fund. Promotional equipment can be provided free of charge if requested. Clubs that raise funds for the sports fund will in turn be rewarded with preference for future applications. For example, if Club A ran a fundraiser for the Sports Fund, if someone from their sport decides to apply for the Sports Fund, their application will be made a priority over other applications


Submit an application for ULSU Sports Funding via the online form here