Fundraising Hub

Welcome to the virtual Fundraising Hub!

Resource bank:

1. Event and fundraising notification form - a form to register your fundraiser with the SU! 

2. Charity donation form - you need to fill this out if donating money to charity.

3. How to fundraise handbook - a guide on how to throw different types of events.

4. Food or external speaker request forms - forms to register any extras for your event.

5.  Bag packing letter - a template if you're trying to get a bag packing fundraiser to happen.

6. How to contact organisations for your fundraising - a guide on how to contact different organisations for your fundraiser.



Come visit our ACTUAL fudraising hub!

In the SU, we have created a space just for student fundraisers! You can use the money counting machine to totalise your fundraising, cash the money into our provided money bags, fill out all the forms you need, and either bank your funds with reception on the spot OR use our drop safe to bank your money between the hours of 5pm-10pm.


Funds must be banked through the SU RAG account to be complient with charity law. 

Unsure what this means?

Click here to read more about charity law, or email to have a chat!