Homeless Outreach



Homeless Outreach.

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Have you noticed the high levels of homelessness in Leicester? Would you like to give the homeless a better quality of life? Do you like working as a team? If you answered yes, then this is the society for you!


The Homeless Outreach Society has been constantly growing since being established in 2017, positively growing week by week to help support a larger quanitity of people in need and we are looking for new, enthuastic members to help our society continue in doing this!


The University of Leicester Homeless Outreach Society is a student group which aims to:

  • Increase awareness of homelessness within Leicester
  • Reduce the deprivity of essentials such as food and water
  • Provide a positive service for society which is rewarding for all parties involved
  • Supports local homelessness charities such as "The Bridge: Homelessness to Hope"


The Homeless Outreach Society offers great opportunities for all members to be fully involved enabling you to gain various transferable skills such as: 

  • Communication - Communicating and listening with the homeless as well as potential events representing the society
  • Teamwork - Whilst on outreaches, you will be working in teams showing how teamwork is vital
  • Leadership - Showing leadership and initiative whilst on outreaches for example
  • Organisation - Fundraising events and outreaches requires organisation 
  • Time Management - During events and outreaches there is an expectation that you will arrive on time 


How can you help participate in the society?

In the society, we are open to anyone who is willing to help. You can help by:

  • Attending weekly outreaches
  • Help during fundraising events
  • Donating any unwanted items such as clothing or collecting any donated items which we can give out during outreaches
  • Attending outreaches where we donate clothing and/or other essentials
  • Volunteer with events alongside the society with "The Bridge: Homelessness to Hope"



We are interested in helping support the homeless through our weekly outreaches. We currently have weekly outreaches on Wednesday's at 6pm and Sunday's at 5pm and are looking to grow for the year ahead. 

You can choose whether you'd like to attend once a week or once everyone month! The choice is yours!



Want to join the society? Click here to see their memberships. 

Want to be an outreach volunteer? Sign into your volunteering portal and search for 'Homeless Outreach' to see their current volunteering opportunities.