Walks for Health

Walks for Health


Physical inactivity is associated with numerous chronic health conditions and low fitness is thought to be the largest cause of preventable death in the Western World. In order to prevent these negative health consequences and improve the quality of life of our nation, we all need to get more active, in particular those who are least active.

To help make this happen, Walking for Health provides free, varied and manageable walks aimed at those who are least active. Walks are planned and led by trained, dedicated Walk Leaders who escort walkers throughout with safety in mind. As well as benefitting their health, walkers get many social benefits from the walks and the sense of community is strong. Walks typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Leicester University Students alongside Leicester University Staff, Leicester Changing Diabetes and local General Practices are creating new walks in Leicester designed specifically with patients in mind.


Leicester University Students will provide their new walks as part of the local Leicester Health Walks scheme, which is run by dedicated volunteers. The commitment from several medical students and other medical staff means that the new Leicester walks will be planned specifically with patients in mind and will hopefully encourage patients to engage as walkers. This gives the new walks a unique edge.


Alongside the new walks we are campaigning to increase the number of referrals made to the service by health care professions as a form of “exercise prescription”. Our aim is clear: to improve the health and wellbeing of Leicester residents.


The walks are set to begin towards the end of 2018 with Victoria Park as the initial location. Plans to expand walks to GP practices and other local establishments are also in motion. Joining us to become a Walk Leader is a great way to improve the lives of local residents, benefit your community and enhance your CV! All Walk Leaders will receive a certificate signed by the Head of the Medical School at the end of the academic year.


Want to become a volunteer walk leader & walk assistant? Log in to your volunteer portal and search for 'Walks for Health'.