Feedback Charter


We've worked with the University to establish a formal Feedback Charter that sets out exactly what you can expect from feedback, what's expected of you and what you can do if you're not getting the feedback you are entitled to.

Why Feedback is important for you

  • It helps develop your learning
  • It helps highlight your strengths and areas you need to develop
  • It helps you understand your marks or grades
  • It helps you develop your strengths

Feedback could be

  • Summative: Measures the level of success; usually with a grade for a whole module
  • Formative: feedback that can be used by the instructor and the student to guide improvements
  • Written feedback
  • Oral
  • One to one
  • Group feedback
  • Feedback via tutorials/lectures
  • Typed Feedback
  • Annotated assessment scripts
  • Email conversation

What should I expect?

  • Feedback on ALL assessments
  • Feedback that is returned to you in the 21 day turnaround as set out in the University assessment and feedback policy
  • Feedback that is clear and where written, legible
  • Feedback that is related to your own learning outcomes
  • Feedback that is related to your module intended learning outcomes
  • Further clarity on feedback on request

What am I expected to do?

  • Pick up your feedback once it is ready, this can be in person or online
  • Read your feedback thoroughly
  • Ask for further clarity if you do not fully understand it
  • Ask for additional support if you’d like or need it
  • Use your feedback when preparing for future assessments


If you are dissatisfied with the feedback you receive, particularly if your department is not achieving the 21-day turnaround; please raise your concerns with your personal tutor, Course Representative, Students' Union Education Officer or get in touch with us.