Feedback Charter


The Feedback Charter has been developed in partnership by the Students’ Union and the University. With a set of Feedback Principles at its heart, the Charter sets out supporting practices and expectations, for both staff and students, with the aim of engendering a collaborative approach to the giving and receiving of feedback on assessment.

Feedback is a reflective process involving you in dialogue with tutors and peers about your assessments

Why Feedback is important?

  • Helps clarify and define levels of, and gaps in, your performance
  • An ongoing part of the learning process, helping you develop for future learning
  • Provides the opportunity for you to identify your strengths and areas to develop
  • Builds confidence in your developing academic skills and practices

Feedback can take many forms, which might include:

  • Measuring the level of success with a grade for a whole module or assignment
  • Comments that focus on aspects such as the content, structure, and organisation of your work, to help you improve future performance
  • One-to-one oral feedback with staff
  • Group discussion in tutorials, seminars, lectures and labs
  • Whole class exam feedback and review sessions; written exam feedback
  • Peer marking and discussion; reflecting on your own progress

What is expected of you?

  • Check assessment criteria before submission to prepare your work appropriately
  • Collect all written feedback, so that you can read it and reflect thoroughly
  • If you are unsure about any aspect of your feedback, ask for clarification from your tutor or Module Convenor
  • Create action points, based on your feedback, to ensure it helps you prepare for future assessments or examinations
  • Seek further support, where appropriate, from your Module Convenor, Personal Tutor, Students' Union or

What should you expect?

  • Clear assessment criteria/schemes
  • Feedback that is related to your learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Feedback that gives examples of where you have excelled, as well as guidance on areas for improvement
  • Feedback on coursework returned to you within 20 working days 
  • Feedback that is clear, constructive and legible
  • Opportunities to discuss feedback with your peers, tutor or Module Convenor
  • Feedback on exam performance


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