Keeping Safe


We work hard to try and ensure all students are kept safe however sometimes incidents can happen that are outside of anyone’s control.

  • Urgent assistance: If you have been physically assaulted, attacked or need urgent assistance please contact the emergency services on 999
  • Reporting:
    • If you need to report a non-urgent crime to the police dial 101.
    • You can report informally and formally to the Students’ Union and University, see the details here.

Along with police guidance, we have put together a list of tips to help you try and stay safe when you’re out and about.

PLEASE NOTE: the following are suggested measures and not a definitive list of guaranteed ways to eliminate crime.

  • Make sure someone knows where you’re going, who you’re meeting and when you expect to return 
  • Walk in groups at night, travel by taxi or stay over with friends
  • If you’re planning to use public transport, always check the times of the last bus or train
  • To prevent spiking, don't leave your drinks unattended
  • If you’re out with a group of people, watch out for each other and make sure everyone stays safe
  • Try not to chat on your mobile or listen to music on a device – they can distract you from what’s going on around you and you can miss potential danger signs, including traffic
  • If possible, use cash machines during the day. Put your card and cash away and be vigilant

The Union has a complete zero tolerance policy towards all forms of crime, including harassment. If you have witnessed a crime or been a victim of a crime yourself, please report it as soon as possible. We need everyone to work together to help our students stay safe. Please see the details here.

If you need any other help or support, please check out a list of services here.


How to avoid:

Make your home secure

There are a variety of ways to make your home more secure for the future.
While some security measures can be expensive, there are other things you can do that cost much less:

  • Leave lights or a radio on when you go out.
  • Check that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked.
  • Don’t leave side gates open and make sure they’re secure.
  • Don’t leave accessible windows open at night.

For further information click here:

Property marking

Marking your property is a positive way to fight crime.
It can act as a deterrent, allowing you to prove ownership and helping you to identify your property more easily is it is found.
Marking your property also provides the police a way to identify stolen goods and return them to their owners.
It also makes it less valuable to a criminal as it is more difficult to sell on or dispose of.

You can put any kind of mark on your property to distinguish it as yours. For example your student number as well as your postcode.
You can use either Visible or Invisible (UV) markers.

For further information click here:


People react to crime in many ways. Although most victims don’t suffer long term harm, both adults and children can be seriously affected.

The impact of burglary isn’t just financial; it can also have a significant impact on your emotional well-being and sense of security.

People who have suffered a crime may need practical information and advice, or simply someone to talk to.

Information regarding what support is available within the community, can be found here.


Swift Fox Cabs

One thing you should never do is take an unlicensed minicab. They are unchecked, uninsured and can potentially be very dangerous. We've partnered with Swift Fox Cabs a local taxi firm who provide a fixed-rate campus taxi service to popular destinations.

If your journey isn't one of our fixed-rate journeys listed Swift Fox Cabs offer a 10% discount to students (just show your student ID). Please see the PDF flyer for details on the fixed fares

Please note that Swift have fixed all their fares now so you will know the price before you travel.  The driver will deduct 10% at the end of your journey as long as it’s not on the list below. Taxis are available from the Mayors Walk layby alongside the Percy Gee on club nights like Lets Disko and Shabang.

Why not download the smartphone app, or save the number in your phone now, so you'll never be caught out:  +44 (0)116 26 28 222.

All drivers are DBS checked by the licensing authority at the Leicester City Council. 

Safety first in taxis:

  • Always pre-book your taxi,
  • Wait in groups and in a well-lit area,
  • Fixed Fare now on all journeys.  Make sure you give the full pick up and drop off address so we can get you the best price,
  • Always ask for a receipt so that we can trace your taxi if you have a query.

If you're not satisfied with the service you receive, please email with as much detail as possible. We will need your receipt, date and time, destination and cab number and will follow up your complaint for you.