Signposting and Wellbeing Advice


Staying healthy physically, mentally, socially and financially is really important for you to thrive as a student. It’s also crucial to speak about any issues you’re experiencing and get the help you need, to ensure you have the best time at University.  

There are lots of support services and wellbeing activities here on campus and in the community that can give you support, and you can access as many as you wish.  Feel free to take a look at our timetable which gives you an overview of when different support services and clinics run on campus throughout the year.  

Our role in providing you signposting and wellbeing advice

  1. Listen to you explain your situation and provide you with advice and support, identifying appropriate services for you and next steps you can take e.g. accessing further services.
  2. Liaise with other services and departments on your behalf where needed, with your consent.
  3. Review and provide further guidance on any documentation you need to collate for any procedures you need to follow, before you submit.  
  4. Continue to provide advice on any outcomes you experience and anything else you’d like advice on during your student journey. 

We recommend that you

  1. Visit the Leicester Talks pages to get details on further services, events and campaigns that can support you also.
  2. Get in touch with us by either filling in the online form or dropping in and speaking with us for further guidance on which services to access.