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Mitigating Circumstances or "Mit Circs" 22/23What are mit circs? Mitigating Circumstances (Mit Circs) are there to support you if you’re unable to do an assessment on time. To claim Mit Circs you must experience a serious and unforeseen event that is beyond your control. If you get a Mit Circ you can have an extension to your deadlines without this harming your grades. Even with a Mit Circ you will still usually have to complete an assessment. Things not normally accepted:Criminal Conviction Transport Difficulties Holidays/Family Events Oversleeping. What has changed?Last year: No Evidence required due to the pandemic. No other support options available within the policy. Strict rules on what could be used as evidence. This year: Evidence is required but more topics have been added to the list of no evidence. Unforeseen caring responsibilities have been added to support adult carers. Self-Certification is being introduced for the 22/23 academic year. Evidence removed for further aspects of bereavement, harassment and sexual violence. More flexibility with evidence.

 You do not need evidence for... Significant bereavement, for example a death of a close family member or a significant person. Sudden deterioration or flare up in a long-term health condition or disability. For cases such as sexual assault, there is no requirement to provide evidence. Harassment based on a student's disability, faith, gender identity, race, and/or sexual orientation. Unexpected disruption of access to technology required to complete/submit a time-bound assessment. The SU and the University recognise that in some circumstances, providing evidence is not appropriate. We have worked together to identify these circumstances and adapt the policy.A glimpse at self-certification: Self-Certification supports students affected by short-term/minor disruption to their studies. This allows students the opportunity to submit a claim to wave late penalties for certain assessments.  Examples can include: Flu Food poisoning Menstrual pain Unforeseen carer responsibilities. Students can self-certify twice per academic year. For specific requirements, rules and regulations please visit to contact For... Advice and Guidance: or Comments/Concerns:

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