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What the situation is:

BREXIT brings large amounts of uncertainty in the lives of EU students and staff. The UK government has announced that the UK will leave the EU on 31st of October with or without deal. Recent information provided by the Home Office, lead us to believe that the only way students can secure their right to remain in the UK is to apply for a status on the government website or on the government app, put in place to make the process easier. Early applications encouraged for two main reason. On one hand it's good students to have this status, so they can continue using NHS services and other rights that we currently have. On the other hand, an early application will give time to the student to appeal in case the application gets rejected (an unlikely situation, but possible).

How do students apply:

  • Download the android app or apply online here .
  • Proof of identity, take an image of your passport, driving licence or National ID card. This can be done by post or on the Android App
  • Check your document information. Students need to place their phone on the document, this will check the electronic information stored in it, to confirm it is a real document.
  • Scan your face
  • Take a picture
  • Upload all evidence that proves you are resident of the UK (JP registration, National Insurance, university status late, enrolment completion form, university timetable/attendance record, confirmation of paid fees, accomodation, etc.
  • Students who have been in the UK for less than 5 years will receive pre-settled status, which will give them the right to remain in the United Kingdom for 5 years, before they need to reapply.

What your union can do:

  • Work with the University to send an email to all EU students to urge them to apply.
  • Propose to the University to embed the application as part of the student registration process.
  • Utilise campaign mechanisms used to promote 'Register to Vote' campaigns.
  • Encourage EU students to apply by lecture shout outs, as part of international students welcome events, Union on Tours, etc.
  • Work with the University's Immigration and Compliance department, to ensure they are ready to help students who have difficulties applying or need to appeal.

If you have any question please ask or call the Home Office on their line dedicated to organisations supporting people with their applications. Their contact is as follows:

Telephone: 0300 790 0566

Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), 8am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am to 4:30pm

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