Need some help?


Need some help?


Starting University can be a stressful experience, so we have compiled some areas you can reach out to for a bit of help getting you started


Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors:

All of the first years have the option of having a Peer Mentor within their department. Besides helping with academic queries the Peer Mentors are also there to help you settle into University life with advice on student life, signposting to welfare options and making suggestions about social opportunities. Don't be afraid to reach out to your Peer Mentor- it's what they're there for. Make sure you also attend the Meet Your Mentor event for your department, it helps settle you in during your first month

For more information please visit:

Advice Service

Advice Service

The Advice Service will be around during Freshers with stands in the Student Union Square and will have their doors open from 10am-4pm each week day.

They will be able to help with any of your academic queries, including if anyone wants to change their course

They will be able to help with the starting steps towards rented housing, and when to start looking for your second year accomodation and any contract advice

They will also be able to help sign post you to wellbeing services across campus and local community

Also look out for drink aware on an O2 student night for support



Our clinic time table can be found here:

The clinics are an additional outlet of support that the Student Union offers that are open to students from all year groups, come into the advice service center in the Student Union next to the upstairs office to ask for more information

Wellbeing and Counselling

If you are particularly struggling with settling into University life and you feel it is affecting your mental health then please as for help

You can self refer through the University website and the service is free with specially trained members of staff to help in 1:1 sessions

Support in Student Accomodation

Accomodation Team

The Accommodation Team is accessible 24 hours a day by email or phone, or you can just pop into the 24-hour reception at either The Village or The City. Whether you’ve lost your key, have a question about your room or you just want a cup of tea and a chat, the team are always around to help out.

Residential Advisers

Our Residential Advisers (RAs) are current students who work as part of the Residence Life Team to help you settle in. You'll spot the RAs out and about in their distinctive green hoodies, and they are all ready to provide help, advice or guidance, or just stop and have a chat. They also organise the social calendar in your halls to help you meet new students and get involved - timetables of events can be seen around accomodation social spaces.

You are Not Alone

We surveyed 100 people in the summer of 2019 to ask how they felt on their first day of University and found that often people had a range of emotions when they started. We have collaborated the results of the answers people gave and presented them in a chart below.

As a first year student you should know that any emotion you are having starting University is normal and it has often been felt by another student in the exact same situation as you. Just know that your Student Union is here to support you in whatever way they can, and that this is the start to many other days that could be very different from today.


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