Linguistic Learning Intelligence


Linguistic Study Skills:


If you have a linguistic mode of intelligence then you are good with words. This means reading and writing (aka, verbal) usually comes naturally to you, and you will often cope better to with revision if both are incorporated. You often are good at finding the right words to express what you mean, and are articulate in your assignments, so we encourage you use these skills during your studies!

See some of our study skills suggested below:


1. Mnemonics and Puns:


Please see Auditory Learning


2. Reread and Rewrite:


Go over your notes and textbooks and keep reading over the content until you feel it sinking in. Using the same method that was spoken about in the section on Mind Maps (see Kinaesthetic Learning) with your skills surrounding words and verbal retention you can practise rewriting your study notes as a study skill for exams. If you write it all out in a black pen, and then go back and look at the end to see if you missed anything, what you have missed if you write in red after. Then after keeping the repetitive method going, focusing on the parts you’ve forgotten previously, your memory should build up and you will eventually have no red on the page.


3. Create Lists:


Write lists with key words and phrases from each of the topics you are studying, it will act as a quick reference to when trying to summarise a point in an essay, will be an easy format to test yourself from in an exam and will help you remember key concepts.



4. Summarise:


Printable Worksheet

Come up with ways of summarising a page or even a couple of pages of notes into a succinct paragraph. It will help you to be quick and succinct in exams and also improve your articulate skills when making a point in essays.

On top of this, if you are having to think about the best way of shortly summarising something it will deepen your understanding of the topic and help you recall it better in exams.



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