Social Learning Intelligence


Social Study Skills:


If you have a social learning intelligence you're usually referred to as a social butterfly and what people would call an extrovert. Although some people get distracted by studying with friends, you thrive on it! Your team player skills are reflected in your learning, and your best exams and assignments are achieved through working with others. On top of this your interpersonal skills and understanding of others reflects well in how you understand the people you study in real life and the fictitious world.

Below are some study skills that aids social learning intelligence:


1. Seminars:


Although seminars can be seen as extra effort by some, a social learner should take this opportunity to get the most out of interacting intellectually with their peers and tutor surrounding their subject. Make sure you turn up to seminars prepared having done the reading so you can answer questions and contribute to discussion. The more you can bounce off of others in your seminar and receive the tutor’s opinion on a topic, granted these will be the topics you are more confident writing an essay on or have less trouble remembering in an exam.


2. Group Study:


This is the next step from the seminars, and in this instance it would be good to identify who else has a stronger social learning intelligence in order for the group study to benefit everyone in the group and not distract them. Make the sessions active and not just sat in one room reading together; you could take it in turns testing each other, you could teach each other what you have learnt, or you could even take it in turns to turn your studies to role play (which you can see examples for in skill #3).

There are lots of study spots across the University suitable for group study, for example the group study rooms you can book in the library or Chi in the after opening hours until 9pm during term time.


3. Role Play:


This is not just a study skill that is applicable to the dramatic arts, below are some examples of when you can apply it to other academic subjects:




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