Fundraising / Sponsorship

Charity Fundraising

All funds raised by student groups for charity need to be processed through RAG. This is due to the SU being a charity itself and as your group is within this, charity law requires us to oversee funds raised to other charities. It also means that the funds raised are insured. You need complete this form for every event that you have that includes fundraising for a charity, you will also need to fill out event notification forms and other specific forms when required i.e. food disclaimers and event specific risk assessmements. 

Before Fundraising Event.

So that we know you are running a fundraising event and would like to donate money to charity please complete the Charity Fundraising form

Don't forget your event nofitication forms, any guest speaker, food notifications and changes to risk assessment forms should also be submitted as and when needed!

After Fundraising Event

Once you have completed your event and need to pay the money in - please fill out this specific donation form, made so that it is easier for you to donate the money to charity - Charity Donation Form.

It is a new form that joins together the paying in and out of the money you wish to donate. The first page is the money you are paying in - simply count this and fill out the section as you would a normal paying in form.

Please ensure all the details on the form are filled in.
The second page is  the donation page - please fill this out in full. For this you need to fill in everything, leaving only the RAG representative section empty.
Once RAG has looked over the donation they will sign it off and your money will be paid.

Donating to multiple charities.

If you are donating to multiple charities - complete the charity donation form as normal, but seperate out your donations across the withdrawral sections and include this extra page for the other donations you wish to make. 

Raising Money For Your Student Group

Fundraising Ideas - Here are just a few possibilities that many student groups consider when trying to generate funds for future events and resources.

Sponsorship Guidelines - This gives you a full overview of sponsorship. If you have already agreed sponsorship with a company, you can use this template here.