Volunteering with Careers

If you can't find anything  that you would like to do on our website and you don't want to set up your own project you can head over to the Careers to see what they have on offer.

Volunteering can be a fun, rewarding way to give back to the community.  It can help you to gain worthwhile experience, lots of new skills and can boost your confidence.

You can start your volunteering journey with MyCareers.You will need to sign into your MyCareers account to be able to search and apply for opportunities.
There are loads of different things for you to volunteer for from Ivy Clearing and Conservation that takes place every month to volunteering for organisations like Saffron Acres Project and Conservation Volunteers who run weekly volunteering activities.

Any volunteering that you do with Careers should be recorded with them via their online forms. If you would like more information on your accreditation and how many hours you need for each level of recognition, check out their webpage here.

Good luck with your volunteering journey and we hope to see you develop and grow along the way.


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