How we support you


The Students’ Union is a representative organisation for all students. Our primary function is to represent and support the student body, and provide them with services aimed to improve their university experience.

As a Rep, you are democratically elected by your course mates and work in partnership with the Students’ Union and the individual academic departments of the University. This means that you sit on committees which form part of the University’s formal structure, with your training and support being facilitated by the Union.

Our specialised and friendly team is independent from the University, and is here to make sure that your voice is heard and represented. We provide the training and support necessary to your role, and help you to deliver meaningful change.

Our involvement:

We are here to provide support to you in your role, which includes:

•  Induction training

•  On-going support and workshops throughout the year

•  Reviewing feedback from Course Reps, to make sure the system runs as effectively as possible

•  Circulating E-handbooks, newsletters and other resources

•  Reviewing SSC minutes to analyse the issues that arise, better support reps and run campaigns to make change for the future

The Union has officers on nearly all committees across the University, and frequently meets with senior members of University staff, such as the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Academic Registrar, to improve the academic experience for all students.

We make sure that your voice is heard, and act as a liaison between yourself and the University when required.


Click here for extra resources which will aid you in your role.

If you have any queries, or are unsure how to precede with any issues, contact: