Department Reps

Department Reps are student volunteers, elected for one academic year to represent the views of their department/school to their school staff at the School Education Committees. They work one level above Course Reps to ensure the University is delivering the highest standard of teaching and support to all students.

Department Reps provide a student view on curriculum changes and course development, as well as providing a route for students to feedback about their academic experience. Like Course Reps, they highlight the merits of their department and providing constructive criticism on the areas which aren’t working so well. They also work on issues ranging from module content through to methods of teaching, workload, feedback and resources.

Why be a Department Rep?

Department Reps are an integral part of the Students’ Union, and represent the authentic student voice while improving the student experience. They work to make positive changes to teaching and learning within their department/school.

They do this by networking with the course reps in their school to gather feedback on their experiences, both positive and negative, before raising these concerns alongside Course Reps at Student-Staff Committees. They also work with the Course Reps to gather feedback on bigger changes, and provide a student viewpoint for department staff at the School Education Committees (ECs).

Department Reps are trained by the Students’ Union, and provided with ongoing support in their role. Prior experience as student representative would be preferred - however, showing passion to improve student experience for yourself, your peers and future students carries weight.


Summary of Department Rep responsibilities 

  • Be the premier representatives of their department
  • Attend training and meetings organised by the Students’ Union.
  • Regularly liaise with Course Representatives, Student Union Representatives, Equality and Liberation Champions and Academic Societies within their department.
  • Represent students on two relevant University committees and/or forums, including Departmental/School Education Committee. This will include:-
    • preparing for committees, including receiving briefings and relevant  consultation with students.
    • contributing proactively to the committee ensuring relevant actions are agreed/followed up on.
    • submission of a short report detailing students consulted, key actions/outcomes and next steps, including relevant communication to representatives and students.
  • Attend School Education Committee (EC) meetings, and represent the voice of your peers.
  • Take a proactive role in talking with students, identifying their ideas/concerns and then feeding this information forward to the Union and University.
  • Engage with Education Campaigns and in communicating information from the Students’ Union to the students you represent.
  • Promote your role effectively to the students you represent, and advertise they ways in which they can contact you.
  • Be pro-active in gaining feedback from your peers, and in relaying changes and action points back to them after your Education Committee
  • Liaise with other Course Reps to share ideas, and with Department Reps to identify issues which need to be tackled at a higher level.
  • Liaise with the Academic Representation Team to give feedback or request support.


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