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11 Jan - 29 Jan 2020


This year has been different to what anyone expected. Remember that it's not been easy - you've done your best and you should be incredibly proud that you made it all the way to here! We are now approaching exam season and destress is more important than ever. Make sure you take time away from your screen and relax in-between studying. This year, we are collaborating with Reslife to offer you a variety of activities to help take your mind off your exams.  If you do need support, we are here for you. Please do reach out to our Advice Team or the University's Student Welfare Service.

Good luck with your exams, take it at your own pace and listen to your body and mind.

Take care,

Karli, Your Wellbeing Officer 2020/21



What can I get involved with?



You can find activities for the 4-week period using the sub-sections below:

Week 1 ~ 11 January - 15 January

Week 2 ~ 18 January - 22 January

Week 3 ~ 25 January - 29 January 


Most importantly, stay safe.


De-stress Top Tips

1. Make a plan -this could be making a revision  plan or  incorporating regular breaks into your schedule. If you feel  more organised this is going to immediately reduce stress levels.

2. Remember to take regular breaks and take time for you. It's not possible to spend your whole day productive and that is ok! Do not feel guilty for watching your favourite TV show, as that time is just as valuable.

3. Move your body - try a live yoga session with us or have a go at pilates. Any movement you do will help you to de-stress, especially as you may be feeling cooped up indoors.

4. Stay connected to your friends, family and loved ones. One way to combat stress is to share it with someone - it might just make all the difference.

5. Get creative and have time away from your screen - we have plenty of crafting activities for you and you can even get involved in our online book club. 

6. Virtual study buddy - set yourself challenges with your friends and you can even work together on Zoom or Skype. Sometimes having someone to study with makes the process easier and you can share knowledge with one another.

7. Try not to be too hard on yourself (easier said than done!) but you are doing great things. Keep going, you've got this.

Looking after your wellbeing during coronavirus

We have collected resources below to help support your wellbeing during this time period:

Emotional wellbeing resources

Please find more links to help support your emotional wellbeing, which we hope you will find helpful:

SU wellbeing resources

Panic Attack leaflet - This resource is now available electronically and you can download it here.

This resource was created by our Wellbeing Officer, Sana 2019/20.


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