Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committee Representatives  are seen as crucial to the operation of the Union and the role is designed to allow you to continue with your studies whilst carrying out your role. You will work as a team of 6 to:- 
  • Oversee the operation of the democratic structures ensuring that they are as open and accessible to students as possible.
  • Responsible for all Union elections/referendums
  • Interpreting the Union Bye Laws.
  • Co-ordinate the investigation into complaints/disciplinary matters with regard to elected officers
  • Working with the Executive and Part Time Officers to ensure that they are
    • Fulfilling their manifesto pledges
    • Achieving policy of the students’ union that has been assigned to them
    • Attendance at appropriate meetings and that their time is being well spent in these.
    • Identifying areas where they are going above and beyond their role
    • Encourage them to consider different perspectives.

Term 1 Scrutiny Reports

This year, we have started a new system for Scrutiny. Instead of a basic pass or fail, reports are now scored from 0-4 (4 being the highest). This is determined by Scrutiny's satisfaction with the answers to the questions they sent to Officers after reviewing their reports. Below you will find each Officer's report which includes their questions, notes, and final scores. The number of questions and comments will vary by Officer depending on their original report. If you have any queries or want to chat about scrutiny, email

You can watch the Officer's Scrutiny videos here.







How does scrutiny work?

Scrutiny committee goes through a few steps each report to ensure not only the committee, but students, get a good report of what they have done so far in the term. Steps include:

  1. Officers submit written reports to Scrutiny Committee who then reviews them and then comes up with questions based on it.

  2. Officers then record their answer publicly so Scrutiny can understand the work further. Students can view these too and interact such as leaving comments.

  3. Scrutiny Committee then gives each Officer a score based on their reports but also on each question they answered. Depending on how many members accept the Officer's answer, this will be averaged and added onto their final score. Final reports can be found on this pae each term so you can see how each Officer did!

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