Executive and Part-Time Officer Elections 2020

Election Results Announced

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the recent elections. Congragulations to everyone who has been elected,  your next set of Officers are:-

Executive Officers

·         President – Mia Nembhard

·         Sports Officer – Hannah Belcher

·         Wellbeing Officer – Karli Wagener

·         Activities Officer – Elle Phipps

·         Liberation Officer – Tony Magaia

·         Education Officer – Adnan Rahman

Part Time Officers

·         Accessibility Officer – Niamh Barnes

·         BAME Officer – Janine Sequeira

·         Distance Learning Officer – Nicolas Skinner

·         International Officer – Jay Barakhada

·         LGBT+ Officer – Nic Farmer

·         Mature and Part-Time Students Officer – Bianca Semczuk

·         Trans and Non-Binary Officer – Charlie Hugill

·         Women’s Officer – Dan Ore

NUS National Conference

The 4 elected delegates are:-

·         Sana Ali

·         Ahamed Ali Mohammed

·         Eleanor Spirrett

·         Pedram Asadi


Read more about all the candidates who ran in our Election Booklet here.

Please note: All statements and manifestos in this booklet have been printed verbatim as supplied by the candidates.


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