Experiences of Past Officers


We asked a number of past Executive Officers about their experiences as an Officer and this is what they said.


Experiences from past Executive Officers


What did/do you love most about being an Officer?


What is your proudest achievement whilst being an Officer?

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of running in the Elections?

"The responsibility and variety of everyday, no day was ever the same!"


"Holding the first ever Student Group Celebration and it was a success and the groups loved it! Going for a risk like that and no one was sure if it would work and then proving to everyone how great and how fantastic students are."

"You do not know what will come of this, I have a fantastic career being a quantity surveyor from being an activities officer! Just go for it and have fun and always always make the most of it!"

"Working for a Students’ Union has been life-changing! It’s been a way of exploring new ideas in a nurturing yet empowering environment, and live out my love for helping people! If I can make just one student’s life a little easier, I feel like I’m making a positive impact for students."

"I have identified change agents within the University that care and have similar aims, and with those allies I believe Leicester University is vastly improving. I have noticed the culture changing and feel exited to be part of the journey."


"Advice I would give is to find a cause, my one was to fight for students rights in all forms, from a free liberated education to course costs to tackling the attainment gap. The role has given me the creative license to grow and use my passion for good. Consider applying to be equipped for the future and contribute to a student movement that’s bigger than yourself."

"It didn’t feel like a job – I spent my days working hard campaigning to make changes I was passionate about."


"Seeing the lasting impact and development of the changes you’ve fought to win."


"You don’t need a huge campaign team or any fancy marketing skills! As long as you’re genuine, determined to make change and on the ground talking to students about what matters to them, your passion will shine through."

"I loved representing 20,000 students and advocating to make things better for them. It’s an incredible, once in a lifetime, opportunity."

"Lecture Capture."

"Do it! Even if you’re not sure if you’ve got enough experience or knowledge, don’t let that stop you. From the campaign itself to actually being an officer, it’s an experience you’ll never forget."

"I loved constantly being surrounded by ideas and energy and people who were really excited to do their jobs! It made it really motivating and uplifting, even when you were tired or things went wrong! It’s kind of like being on the committee for a really big student group!"

"My proudest achievement was launching and managing Drinkaware Crew, and now seeing them still supporting students 2 years on."


"My advice would be to make a good campaign plan, but don’t be afraid to be flexible and go with the flow so you’re enjoying yourself at the same time!"


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