Education Zone

Education zoneWhat is the Education Zone?

Overseen by our Education Officer Azza Abdulla, the Education Zone discusses academic and University related change that students seek to implement.  This zone is also attended by our Departmental Reps and is the place to create debate around course reps, peer mentoring, academic   support and the appeals process!

What achievements have been made by this Zone?

Some very important changes have been made through the Education Zone. Recording lectures through Lecture Capture was a success of this, while you can also thank the Education Zone for paperless submissions!

Can I Vote?

Sorry, our elections for this zone have just finished.

Don't worry, there's  plenty of other ways to have your say though.

Why not pop along to a Union Council meeting to have your opinions heard by our democratic body? Got an idea for something you'd like to see, why not submit a Change It or Explain It?