Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committee question and hold to account the full and part time elected officers on:
  • Fulfilling their manifesto pledges
  • Achieving policy of the students’ union that has been assigned to them
  • Attendance at appropriate meetings and that their time is being well spent in these.
  • Areas where they are going above and beyond their role

They also help the Exec Officers when making decisions and encourage them to consider different perspectives. Outside of working with the officers, Scrutiny Committee also approve our election and referendum rules, facilitate Student Council, ensure Student Council reps are regularly attending meetings, and on occasion, oversee changes to the by-laws.


November Scrutiny Reports

To view the November Scrutiny Reports for the Executive Officers click on the links below, if you have any questions regarding the reports email Kieran the Union Chair:-

The March 2021 reports will be released shortly but in the meantime visit our officer profile pages for more information with regard to the current activities of the team.


How were the reports put together? 

  • Scrutiny discuss the reports submitted by the Officers and decide, based on the information provided in these reports, what questions you would like to ask the officers.
  • Following the committee meeting the Scrutiny Committee will then meet, joined by a member of Student Council. This comprises the Scrutiny Panel. Each elected officer will attend the Panel in turn and Scrutiny then  discuss with them their progress on the work they promised to do, as well as ask the questions that were agreed during the committee meeting. 
  • On conclusion of this meeting Scrutiuny discuss and agree the scores as a committee and finalise any recommendations/ suggestions you would like to make to the officer team.
  • The score is accompanied by a comment of praise or areas of improvement and is published on the Students’ Union website.



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