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    Pay Part-time Officers

      I don't know if this has been raised before, but I find it quite shocking that the Part-time Officers, who do so much work for students and the SU, don't get paid. I'm aware that they get a £300 bonus if they 'do a good job' (not sure what constitutes this or who decides it?) but considering Guest Speakers get paid around £300 for just an hour's work this hardly seems like a fair amount to pay for a whole academic year's worth of work. The Part-time Officers are invaluable and often take on big jobs such as planning LGBTQ+ History month or Black History month events, and running their own campaigns, and I think not paying them is wrong and just perpetuates the unethical use of students for free labour.
    Reed Thomas James
    8:19pm on 23 Feb 21 Suppose my only question would be where do you stop? Do you think Course Rep's and Network Rep's should get paid as well?
    Pedram Bani Asadi
    7:11pm on 4 Mar 21 Fully agree, an increase in pay is necessary for the hard work they have to do, I would advocate for at least a £600 bonus for these roles

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