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      I believe the students, staff and visitors at UoL would benefit from a Safewalk service where students can call to request someone to accompany them safely on their walk.

      At my previous University, we had this service called Safewalk, where pairs of volunteers would be available to accompany students on their walk home, until they reached their car, or the campus train station, or bus, or residence hall. During the day, this was offered by volunteers, and after hours, campus security would take over any Safewalk requests. The safewalk volunteers were pairs of men and women, so the person always felt comfortable. 

      When not on duty, Safewalk volunteers would wander around campus. Volunteers were usually caring older students, so they had a nuturing and parental protective role in the campus community, making it less of a security position. They cared about the students well-being first and foremost. 

      The logistics of this could be different for the UoL, but I would propose this is very doable, and would be beneficial to the community, and general feelings of safety in and around campus (and Victoria Park). 

      Here are some links about the service at the University of Calgary: 

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