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    Solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation through Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)

      Background Information: Israel systematically denies the Palestinian right to education of Palestinian students. Israel has bombed and raided universities and Palestinian students are denied their basic rights. Palestinian students are often at the forefront of popular resistance. BDS is one of the key ways in which students across the world are building effective solidarity with Palestinian students. Scores of student unions and student governments across North America and Europe have voted to launch BDS campaigns demanding divestment from Israel’s crimes or academic boycott. Student movements are rapidly growing in South Africa, Brazil, Chile and across the world. Student solidarity organising is helping to build huge support for the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality among an entire generation of young people.In the UK, student campaigns have successfully pressured universities in London, Southampton and have ended contracts with companies targeted by the BDS movement such as G4S and Veolia. Israel has committed many war crimes Resolutions including: The Fourth Geneva Convention; The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; The United Nations Charter; The Hague Convention and many including the use of illegal chemical weapons targeting UN schools and civilians. This motion is targeting the illegal war crimes and the vast UN violations committed by the State of Israel.
    Stuart Taliesin Owain Hughes
    9:29pm on 13 Nov 18 If you're going to make claims I think you owe it to people to give your sources