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    LUV (Leicester Uni Values) plastic - Plan-It Change

      What it is? A campaign to educate and raise awareness for how useful plastic is in the modern world, as well as the issues associated with it, such as the impact of single-use plastics. What we want to achieve? Main aims: 1. To ensure that all University of Leicester students know what a single-use plastic is 2. To install a zero-waste shop on campus to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used by students and staff alike Other aims: 1. Bring awareness to current Here4U initiatives such as discounts for using reusable coffee cups 2. To provide incentives for people to use reusable containers at food outlets on campus (i.e. money off if they bring a container or cutlery or a points-based system) How we are going to do it? Hold awareness stalls in Library/SU/George Davies Centre with activities or information about: - Bottled and non-bottled water - Recycling (what can and can’t be recycled) - quick-fire question and answers with prizes! - Use of shocking headlines to get students to question their actions - Supply facts about how much money is involved in processing plastic waste and how much it costs students …and more! Why we want to do it? Plastic is used by everyone in all walks of life and we think more people should be aware of the impacts of its overconsumption. This leads onto Go Green Week next semester, where we want to bring further awareness to this cause. Who we want involved – how many people are needed? Plan-it Change society and any students/student groups interested in sustainability or the environment Union Councils support? After hearing that Union Council voted for sustainability as one of their priorities, we hope that you’d like to support the Plan-It Change society in delivering meaningful sustainable changes and educational activities across campus for Go Green Week and beyond! When? Week beginning 21st January
    Sandra Naa Obieley Tetteh
    7:10pm on 9 Apr 19 I don't know if the person who submitted this knows, but there is a choir on campus which is called LUV and this may cause some confusion