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    The Student Union should revoke it's December 3rd BDS Motion

      The BDS proposal is a boycott on goods coming from Israel on the basis of accusations of human rights violations committed by Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict. I propose that the BDS motion passed December 3rd be revoked on the basis that the Israel-Palestine conflict is an incredibly heated and controversial issue that a university student union should be staying well clear of and especially shouldn't be getting involved in via a council meeting.
    Karim Haj Mohammad
    2:19am on 13 Dec 18 The topic being 'heated' does not justify not taking action against a state committing severe human rights violations, most notably the killing of 52 innocent children in 2018 alone.
    Nicholas John Postle
    7:13pm on 15 Dec 18 I'm not arguing that Israel hasn't done awful things, they have. But so has Palestine, it's a long-running international armed conflict between two countries. So why do we propose to just boycott one of the two countries involved? Why not boycott both? Why stop there? Why aren't we addressing the mass internment camps in China with the same veracity? If we want to boycott countries that commit human rights violations we should do so wholesale without singling any one country out. Personally I dont think we should get involved in bilateral conflicts.
    Andrew Briddock
    10:43pm on 17 May 19 Given how the German government has just ruled that the BDS movement is anti-Semitic and too similar to the Nazi led campaigns to boycott and harass Jews, I'd say it is worth the university repealing the motion or at least looking more heavily into this.