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    Bags or Baskets for students to use to carry books in the Library

      Introduce some form of basket or heavy duty bag for students to put books in. Its the start of the Semester, you've just got your reading list and its extensive! You go to the library to take out some books, but as you're trawling the aisles you realise you can't carry all the books you have selected so far. If you put them on a table at the end of the aisle they might get moved, or all the tables might be occupied. It would be so helpful to have a bag or basket for use purely within the library to help carry books as you're selecting them.
    May Sawalha
    8:24pm on 19 Feb 19 I think the bags will be taken, also there are trolleys in the printing rooms for you to move round. If this is too big then surely you don't need help with the books.