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    Introduce a Students with Caring Responsibilities Part Time Officer

      Students with caring responsibilities could include students who have dependants (e.g. parents), or other caring responsibilities (e.g. caring for disabled or unwell friends/family members) in addition to their studies. This can present significant challenges, as it can be time-consuming to be a primary or sole caregiver alongside completing studies. The Students’ Union does not currently have an Officer which directly represents students with caring responsibilities. Based on student feedback, I believe a new Part Time Officer role should be introduced so that we can ensure that the needs of those with caring responsibilities are taken into consideration and are actively advocated by the Students’ Union. The Students with Caring Responsibilities Part Time Officer will work closely with relevant Full Time Executive Officers and Students’ Union staff members to help highlight, research and campaign on issues that affect students with caring responsibilities. The Officer will provide advice and support to the Students’ Union to ensure that the Union are providing relevant information, signposting and support to students with caring responsibilities. In addition, the Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer may, with the support of the Students’ Union, run meet-ups or put on events for students with caring responsibilities.
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