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    sleeping pods

      Having sleeping pods on campus. So one can rest a bit for 30 min stretches if so they wish. Obviously, it would have to be monitored so if somebody is spending a lot of time on them they will be referred to wellbeing department. Or comfortable silent areas.
    May Sawalha
    2:14pm on 8 Nov 18 I understand that this would be a good idea if the union had a lot of money, but I think there are more important issues such as Mental Health Funding.
    Molly-Mae Jordan
    2:19pm on 8 Nov 18 The costs for this would just be astronomical though surely? Not only do you have to pay for the pods, you then have to find a suitable location on campus, employ cleaners, employ more security to ensure they’re being used properly and to ensure safety, and any damages or misuse would also have to be accounted for. A 20 minute nap in the afternoon does do wonders, I agree, but saying that those who spend too much time on them then should be referred to the well-being service is problematic in itself when this service is lacking funding as it is. The amount of money this would cost would be much more beneficial if put towards the well-being service itself.
    Kieran Alexander Roberts
    6:48pm on 14 Dec 18 This could actually be done quite cheaply if it used an area of the library with sofas or cushions or such for sleeping on and it could be swipe card locked so that if someone went over a daily time allowance it sent them a text and email and if they don't leave within five minutes the Library desk staff would get a notification and come and get them out
    May Sawalha
    7:03pm on 13 Jan 19 An electronic sleeping pod would not be cheap, please understand this.
    Ho Man Colman Lo
    3:58pm on 15 May 19 yes sleeping pods in lecture rooms would be perfect