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      Hello, My name is Mohammad Ismaeel Nagra, and through research, I found that the food claimed to be halal on campus including the sandwhiches may not be, reason being is that the packaging does not show certification and that Delicious's certificate is 9 months out of date. Also, there is cross contamination unless you ask the staff to change their gloves. Nonetheless, all the meat on campus is certified by an overseas organisation that portrays insignificant information on the process of slaughtering the animal. This is disappointing and I want to make a stop to this and open a stall in the SU that is dedicated in serving a variety of actual Halal food and is certified by a well-known organisation preferably HMC (halal monitoring committee). If you want this to happen, the CEO of the SU needs to see all the support for the idea to get this started. So make sure to UPVOTE if you or someone you know eats halal food, and SHARE it with other students to make them aware of the situation. Thank You
    Husain Yakoob Bhana
    3:19pm on 17 Oct 18 Mohammad will you get feedback as to why or why not whatever idea is accepted or not?
    Mohammad Ismaeel Nagra
    3:58pm on 17 Oct 18 Yes, i am sure that i will get feedback but the idea will have to be accepted by what i was told. No doubt about that.
    Mohammad Ismaeel Nagra
    2:45pm on 5 Nov 18 Actions moving ahead: - Review whether any of the TUCO suppliers are HMC certificated for new products outside of the existing contract - Explore making HMC certification a tender requirement when the contract is up for renewal - Review whether an outlet or concession could be created to assure HMC-accredited outlets - Review whether LSP buyers increase their understanding of halal requirements for future decisions