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    Add Sanitary Bins to All University Toilets


      According to the BBC 'About 6% of men in the UK are believed to have some kind of incontinence'. 262,000 people, in the UK, also disclosed in the most recent Census that their gender identity was not the same as their sex at birth. Currently, there are no standardised provisions for sanitary bins in male toilets, at the University. This leads to both trans and cis men who require these facilities feeling shame and embarassment as they are unable to use the bathroom facilities of their gender. While there have been improvements to the University's approach to this problem, with some gender neutral toilets being added to key buildings, these do not exist in all academic buildings and forces men to seek out a limited number of these toilets, rather than simply adding the necessary facilities to the bathrooms that already exist.

      This proposal is that sanitary bins should be added to men's bathrooms in University buildings, allowing men who require these facilities to be able to do so without shame, embarassment, or additional inconvenience due to their disability or gender identity.

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