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    Bridging the Gap: Advancing Tuition Fee Parity for International Students


      As an international student, you may have noticed a significant increase in living costs in UK over the past few months. This situation can pose considerable challenges for international students, making it difficult to manage finances while pursuing studies. To think further, if any unforeseen circumstances were to arise, how would you continue your studies and sustain your life in the UK?

      It is worth noting that while some of you may not face immediate financial troubles, there remains an evident gap in tuition fees between international students and local UK students. Local students benefit from government funding, paying an average of £6,000 per year. In contrast, self-funded international students shoulder an average burden of £15,000 per year, signifying a significant disparity that restricts access to education for many. This disparity not only affects international students' financial well-being but also undermines the principles of equality and fairness in education.

      As an institution committed to diversity and equality, the university must take a proactive approach to re-evaluating its fee structures. Embracing inclusivity means recognising the financial challenges faced by international students and striving to reduce the disparity in tuition fees.

      By addressing this issue and working towards fee parity, the university can demonstrate its commitment to providing an equal opportunity for all students to pursue their educational goals, regardless of their origins or financial circumstances. It is time to rally for change, advocate for fairer tuition fee structures, and create an inclusive and supportive environment that enables international students to thrive and succeed in their educational journey.

      News Link: International students boosted UK economy by £42bn in 2021/2 – study | International students | The Guardian

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