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    Student's Union support for changing Archaeology and Ancient History building's name

      The Archaeology and Ancient History department for a long time have adopted the title of their departmental building as 'The Kathleen Kenyon building', but this has remained unofficial by choices on the side of management. Kathleen Kenyon was a pioneering female archaeologist who oversaw the excavation of the Jewry Wall Roman baths right here in Leicester, and also beyond that she was involved in key historic excavations including those at Jericho between 1952 and 1958, a prospective UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The name change is important as it represents something far too neglected by Vice Chancellor Paul Boyle - the representation and recognition of female academics in the fabric of our campus. So far, no academic building on the University of Leicester campus holds the name of a female (the gym of course does), and instead all hold the names of well-off males involved with the University at different times. The issue is more than just a name change - it would be the Students' Union supporting a progressive movement on campus for the recognition and representation of women in academia and beyond, a recogition and representation that this University is severely in need of.
    Eleanor Edon
    6:07pm on 12 Nov 18 Really important that the University makes simple changes like this to show they actually appreciate the achievement of women in academia - rather than just standing behind PR 'gender equality' campaigns and schemes.
    Liam Jordan
    5:26pm on 21 Feb 19 I agree that if this has been an unofficial title for the dept for so long in recognition of her services to the field it should be made official. I'm not in favour of doing so under any circumstances just because other buildings are named after men, essentially echoing the above comment here; change it because she deserves to be recognised.