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    Regrant access to Master’s students into the UoL Library's Doctoral College Reading Room

      Until 2017, all Postgraduates, whether taught or research, had access to what was the Graduate Reading Room on the first floor of the David Wilson Library. This has now become part of the Doctoral College, and as such, access for Master’s students has been revoked. Instead, they have been designated a room in a small corner of the first floor, with space only suitable for a maximum of around 30 to 40 students, with little academic facilities and equipment. This is completely inadequate given that there are almost 800 more PGT than PGR students. Further to this, the door lacks ID card access, meaning the room is often full as anyone can enter, given that its location is in such a busy area. The new Graduate Reading Room is inadequate for the 2000 taught Postgraduate students that reside on campus.
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