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    Campus Bar/Pub & Local Beer on tap

      The re-establishment of a student bar in University of Leicester's SU ideally in the new build area. DMU has a very successful student bar and we, as members of the University's Ale, Liquor and Cider Society, have heard much interest in a similar thing for us. We think it'd be great if the beers were on keg and cask and think its really important to support local breweries instead of multinational companies. A great example is Framework or West End Brewery who we as a society work very closely with and can guarantee interest from them, Framework having the advantage of all their beers being vegan. The bar could be a great place to socialise in the classic pub environment students relish so fondly. The bar would have a guaranteed market and could be run for students by students via Here for U. To conclude our proposal is: 1. As a temporary solution before the works are complete to reopen the taps in Gee's to provide local draught beers 2. When the build is complete, to attempt to establish a student bar in one of the outlets A bar will always promote a safer environment than a club, and via the adherence to rules and regulations a bar does not mean a symbol of irresponsible drinking, if this is a concern.
    Huzefa Javed
    4:29pm on 10 Dec 18 Would love to see a pub or bar on campus. Provides a safe environment in a central location for students.
    Eskarina Handley
    4:33pm on 10 Dec 18 This is a great idea. Makes sense for after society meetings and for before O2 nights where we can be in a safe area and not worry about walking to the O2 at night. It's also nice having a student bar where there are people our own age there too.
    Andrew Briddock
    4:34pm on 10 Dec 18 I believe a dedicated bar on campus would reduce congestion for people who just want to relax in areas of the union, campus is a safe location and having somewhere central to all students where they can sit down, have a drink and relax with friends after a long day of lectures or revision is a great idea.
    Brenner Munden
    4:53pm on 10 Dec 18 Fantastic idea. This will be a safe and well-known location for society groups to meet up for social events or to meet with committee members. Will also get more people involved with the SU and such other activities.
    Philippa Newton
    4:58pm on 10 Dec 18 Such a good idea, most unis have student bars, it’s weird we don’t have one. It’d reassure everyone as we’d be in a safe, student area
    Joseph Michel Surzyn
    5:19pm on 10 Dec 18 A big part of British culture that loads of other universities have but we lack! Would be lovely to support local businesses too
    Kirsty Crawford
    5:34pm on 10 Dec 18 This would be great! The SU is definitely missing something like this idea, something that would encourage the SU to become a more vibrant and lively place, drawing those who may otherwise not spend ad much time in the SU. It would be a natural link between the SU as a student hub during the day and the O2 acedemy by night, allowing those to have more relaxed drinks in a studenty environment. Student bars’ prices tend to be well priced too so this would draw even more people into the SU and therefore money for the SU itself!
    Cameron Fletcher
    6:33pm on 10 Dec 18 This is a brilliant idea; every other university has something similar, and this is not something we should skip out on. It would be a corner stone of socials from all societies and show that the university does more than just cater for clubbing.
    Brooke Slatter
    9:58am on 11 Dec 18 Excellent idea, it could be really good for socials
    Bruce Campbell-Hood
    6:54pm on 11 Dec 18 Would be really nice to have a student-friendly bar, would also be nice to have somewhere to socialize in the evenings that isn't someones house and isn't as intense as the O2 if we just want a quiet night