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    Smoke Free Campus Feedback

      Hello! My name is Oge and I am the Wellbeing Officer at the SU. As the university moves toward a Smoke Free Campus for September 2019, these are my main concerns. Firstly, supporting the transition. The university believes we should make campus smoke free from 2019. As your representative, I have acknowledged the importance of campus being completely smoke free from September 2021, instead of 2019, and asked that in the three years it takes us to get there, there is sufficient support for smokers which would help them quit (if they want). Secondly, a lack of smoking shelters. The university has identified smoke free zones (like outside the library or outside George Davies), but there will not be any designated zones that allow people to smoke. As your representative, I have asked if this can be provided. There are concerns around what image this presents and whether we are really smoke free if there are shelters provided. Do (honestly) comment below with whether you agree with what I have been lobbying for. If you genuinely believe that the university just desperately needs to move to a Smoke Free Campus from 2019 without my concerns, then I will ensure the Students' Union's name is on the paper that supports the new policy.
    Sana Ali
    2:45pm on 7 Dec 18 I agree with your motion towards smoke shelters, as this allows the University to move smoothly towards an eventual smoke free campus. In the case of any change, it is more beneficial to be gradual rather than sudden in order to accommodate people’s receptivity to said change. Whilst having smoke free zones is helpful to begin this change, it can leave smokers feeling confused as to where they can smoke and cause use of areas that may make non-smokers uncomfortable. The presence of smoke shelters combats these issues, as it gives smokers a designated area in which they are to stay whilst smoking and also reduces non-smokers discomfort, as they can avoid said areas easily if they wish.
    Rachael Sarah Sinclair
    5:47pm on 7 Dec 18 I agree with the smoke-free campus. Even though you’re not meant to smoke outside the library or GDC, people still do. I think most people don’t realise they shouldn’t and aren’t told - so raising awareness of a no smoking campus and designating ‘out of the way’ areas for smoking would be a great idea. A completely smoke-free campus would be ideal but difficult, so I think allocated areas/shelters is a good middle ground? Personally, September 2019 sounds like a good goal - it gives current students half a year to get used to the idea and new students won’t know any different. But, September 2019 is only achievable if the uni advertise this smoke-free campus well and put in appropriate interventions to help people through this change.
    Sandra Naa Obieley Tetteh
    7:45pm on 7 Dec 18 I agree with there being a transition period. Such changes cannot be rushed especially when it will have such an impact on staff, students and members of the public who use the facilities at the university. There needs to be smoking shelters for those who continue to smoke post-2021. Moreover, 2021 sounds more reasonable a time frame. Who is the university trying to impress by rushing through such a change?
    Stuart Taliesin Owain Hughes
    5:06pm on 11 Dec 18 Maybe banning the sale of tobacco products in the su could be a step in the right direction...
    Kieran Alexander Roberts
    6:39pm on 14 Dec 18 I personally believe if people wish to smoke it should be their right as we live in a free country. As such I believe smoking areas are a great idea as this allows people who wish to smoke an area to do so without affecting the health of people who do not wish to smoke. There are plenty of places on campus that are not used for anything but are not so out of the way as to ostracise smokers.
    Sarah Jane Williams
    1:27pm on 19 Dec 18 I think smoke free needs defining, as to whether it includes vaping as well. Some NHS Trusts are 'smoke free' across the site but also allow vaping outside buildings, whereas others have a flat ban on both on-site. The shelters are a good idea for transition. I'd support that.
    Joseph Collins
    3:21pm on 12 Feb 19 Make it a smoking compulsory campus imo
    Fahad Sadiq Sadah
    3:05am on 1 Mar 19 what Joseph Collins said, but weed only