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    Start a Drone Racing Society

      I'm thinking of starting a drone racing society. I have talked to SU staff already and this would likely have to be for Tiny Whoop class drones to avoid issues with laws, although if there is interest we can try 4"/5"/6" as well. I need to gauge interest to see if there are enough people to start a society. If there is then we can get funding for gates and flags etc. Would be awesome to make a racing group in Leicester!
    James Austin
    12:28pm on 24 Jan 19 Have you considered touting this idea round the engineering department I'm sure there would be a level of interest in it as we do some projects based around drones.
    Thomas George Sewart
    4:14pm on 24 Jan 19 I haven't done anything with engineering no. Definitely a good idea though! Do you fly and are you an engineering student? If so would you be able to ask around on your course?
    Saifur Rahman
    5:48am on 28 Feb 19 I find this interesting, I would like to be a part of this and I am an electronic engineer.