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    Drug Harm Reduction Group

      I know of many students who have had their lives negatively affected by the dangerous and/or excessive use of various drugs (including alcohol, cannabis etc...). Many students when they arrive at uni experience a large degree of freedom, students can often feel very isolated too. In an environment rife with accessible drugs and many peers in the same situation, every year many students take substances whilst being uninformed of all their dangers. Consequently, this leads to a variety of physical and psychological problems. The aim of this group/committee would be to minimise harm caused from drugs. The group would offer general information to educate students of possible dangers of various substances as well as guidance on what to do when things go wrong. Harm reduction will also be achieved by setting up a system in which those that are already *intent on using drugs anyway*, would be able to get confidential advice on how to do so in the safest possible way. This is most certainly not promotion of substance use, clearly the safest way to do drugs is to not do them at all! Having first hand experience with fellow peers with such problems induced by drug use, I feel very strongly about this topic and that It is time to put a preventative measure into action. Being ignorant to the facts of what is taking place with our own students is, quite simply, gross negligence. I therefore trust that this idea will get the support in needs to be able to be put into action ASAP. Thank you.
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