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    Equal voting by ALL for Equalities and Liberation Officer

      Currently voting for the Equalities and Liberation Officer is restricted to those students who self identify as Transgender, LGBT+, Women, BAME and Disabled. The job description for this role includes representing "international, mature, commuter, parent and carer students" and to "represent and protect the rights of students who fall under the Equality Act 2010 list of protected characteristics including race, class, religion or belief". Therefore we feel the current system denies many students a say in how their Student Union is run in matters which involve them. We would like ALL students to have an equal vote on who is representing them in matters of equality.
    Liam Jordan
    5:16pm on 21 Feb 19 Its phenomenal to me that such a large portion (8% is the figure I have been quoted) of the student population is marginalised so often. We forever hear about x and y for groups who make up a tiny fraction of the student population (and why shouldn't we hear about it), but, let's not forget, just because we are not 18, doesn't mean that we shouldn't have the right to have a say who on represents us (in this instance) or more importantly, that we don't exist!!
    Abigail Jane Granger
    6:55pm on 21 Feb 19 Mature students currently have no right to vote for this despite supposedly being represented by the role - phenomenally ridiculous. It's a complete slap in the face. "Here, we've created a way for you to be represented, but you get no say in it." What is that? Furthermore, as the voting restrictions/allowances stand at this moment in time, women have more right to vote than men. Sexism goes both ways. Women aren't a minority in the university and I don't feel we're under represented. I don't know who decided women are under represented on campus and never heard another female say their voices weren't listened to. As far as I'm concerned, we're represented as equally as men already. If anything, this system of voting marginalises men that don't identify as a minority group and creates a huge inequality. Equality means everyone, across the board, has equal rights. Surely by saying that only a select view can vote on issues of equality defeats the purpose from the outset. Anyone being disallowed from voting, whether from a minority group or not, creates a mockery of the word equality.
    Natasha Alexandra Krywald
    8:01pm on 21 Feb 19 Yes! Yes Yes Yes! I honestly don't see why this isn't equal anyway. Will happily start a campaign on this if nothing happens. Because this is not equality :( I got my vote regardless, but do not think it is fair that others have not! The issue is, the equality and liberations officer is surely the person those who aren't allowed to vote, would go to for help in getting the vote (because it is an equality issue). But if they cannot even vote for/are blocked from this position, who are they meant to turn to :( Equality literally means... "The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities." (Oxford English Dictionary, n.d.). If we refuse a student the opportunity to vote, it is not equal. And for the 'equality and liberation officer' vote to be unequal, makes me think the potential of this role isn't being used properly. If this discrimination against any group, purely because they may statistically not need as much help with equality issues, is the 'equal' world we are striving for, we are literally walking backwards...
    Daniel Rowell Faulkner
    5:26pm on 22 Feb 19 Thank you for your comments of support and the amount of attention this and similar petitions have gained in a little over a day! If you disagree with the motions laid out above and downvoted this petition (and feel comfortable doing so) it would be great to know your reasons. Through social media I've heard the opinion that the 'main' role of this job will be working with the self identified groups and/or that the other minority groups are less important in some way. Something which staggers me as issues of nationality, age, class and religious discrimination regularly appear in the headlines! Why should, for example, a campaign on anti-semitism or a campaign for equal treatment of EU students after brexit receive any less attention or be considered any less just?