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    Voting to be open to ALL students for ALL positions.

      There should be no positions in the executive elections that require qualification beyond being a student at the University of Leicester. If a position is one which has potential to influence policy for all students, then it should be open for all students to vote for it, not just "self-identified" minority groups. In these current elections (Semester two, 2019), straight, white males, or those who have not self-identified as BAME, LGBTQ+, Disabled, etc are excluded from voting for the Equality and Liberation Officer. This does not represent equality. Equality means fairness, or the 'state of being equal'. This cannot be achieved by allowing only certain 'types' of people to vote for a position which is supposed to be representative of all. This should be changed for all future elections. It should also be changed in this election.
    Iain Adamson
    2:24pm on 21 Feb 19 This is a flagrant and disgusting (and deliciously ironic) hypocrisy that this position disenfranchises anyone. I have emailed the SU regarding this and it seems this was voted for by a council who did not have the wisdom to think a student submitted idea through. I fully support equality for all.
    James Tidd
    4:42pm on 21 Feb 19 I have also emailed the SU regarding this, but have been met with the default "we do not care" response.
    Natasha Alexandra Krywald
    8:05pm on 21 Feb 19 I have also recieved the same email response. They ignored my concerns for equality and instead blamed it on it being a student idea. And told me to create the idea here if I wanted to see any action on it. I honestly wish there was someone else to go to about this. I think it is a disgusting thing to take away peoples rights/opportunity to vote based on who they are. But, the person we would turn to about this would be the very officer that so many people cannot vote for! It is like being in a revolving door!
    Nicholas John Postle
    1:30pm on 22 Feb 19 1.) First and Foremost, it's undemocratically prejudiced. The very moral authority with with which we rightfully condemn racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of prejudice is the principle that everyone be treated equally. Every student at Leicester should be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other, and that extends to the opportunity to be represented in the student union. This is a blatant example of 'If you can't beat prejudice, join it' It lowers us to level of people who make judgements about others based on the colour of their skin, their gender, or their ability. Instead we should fight inequality by rising to the occasion with education and leading by example, proving to the world the equality is the best choice. 2.)As someone with a disability the very notion that I am permitted to vote on this not because of my humanity but because of my disability is offensive and degrading. I am more than just my disability, and denying part of me in favour of my disability is awful. 3.)Self-identifying. They are requiring students to fit into boxes so that they can be represented. One should not have to prove their worth to the student union by defining with rigidity every aspect of their identity. What about people who don't fit the boxes? Every student should be given an equal say regardless of what boxes they check. 4.)It won't flipping work. It's SELF-identifying, if one wanted to vote for someone who didn't support minority values one could just pretend to be disabled, or LGBTQ, or even BAME. Are they going to ask students to prove they belong in these marginalized groups? That would be horrible but it would be the only way to actually enforce a ban on straight white males voting. Otherwise the only restricted class here is HONEST straight white males without disabilities, dishonest ones are fine apparently.
    Bethany Catherine Searson
    4:32pm on 1 Mar 19 The EL Officer position is in place to ensure that the Liberation groups (Women, LGBT+ students, BAME students etc) have a louder voice and influence on a campus that is white-, male-, straight-centic, etc. The issues that straight, white, able-bodied men face are not down to their identity. When's the last time you had slurs thrown at you on campus? When's the last time you were kicked out of the O2 for kissing someone the same gender as yourself? When's the last time you struggled with day to day life on campus because your body actively works against you? When's the last time you felt othered or out of place? When you start experiencing these problems, then you should be able to vote for this position.
    Daniel Rowell Faulkner
    11:44am on 2 Mar 19 Thank you for your comment Bethany, I would consider myself a while straight male and in answer to your questions. Last time I had a slur aimed at me on campus: I can't give you an exact date but this is a regular occurance probably once a semester. I've definitely had a few thoughtless jokes aimed at me by a member of staff, one within the last two weeks! Fortunately I chose to see the funny side.; When was I last kicked out of the O2: I've not been kicked out of the O2 because I've never dared enter, fearing the kind of response I would receive.; When did my body last act against me: My body fortunately, touch wood, is mostly ok (at least in ways I'm willing to share), but I've been excluded from many health opportunities on campus.; When was the last time I felt out of place: Well rather than last I will answer with the last significant time: When I had to regularly half carry a 'drunk' person while receiving shouted insults, this drunk person was a disabled ex-partner who was most certainly not drunk. So yes I am white straight and male. But also a mature, and until this year, a commuter and carer student. My story is just one of many, I hope this might make you realise that equality is not something which is clear cut. Students have received slurs about not belonging due to age, religion, single parent status, nationality (beyond those in BAME) and many other characteristics. P.S. Your accusation that the campus is white, straight male centric is also factually wrong. More women attend the university than men, and when you subtract the other groups you mention this minority shrinks further. I've not totalled up the events on campus but I would be surprised if there are more male only events than female only events on campus.
    Liam Jordan
    8:02pm on 2 Mar 19 Bethany, I'm afraid your prejudiced views are not shared by the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, who passed the Equality Act 2010 in an attempt to simplify the powers and broaden the protected characteristics to prevent prejudice you wish to see from taking place.
    Daniel Eamon Jean-Marc Eardly
    12:07pm on 6 Mar 19 Totally agree Asher. The hypocrisy of this policy is shocking.