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    Changing the name of the Trans Officer

      Hello! My name is Oge Obioha and I am your Wellbeing Officer. Myself and your Trans Officer Nate Searson have been working together to make our Students' Union more inclusive and finding more ways to increase accessibility for all. One of the ways in which we want to do this is by changing the name of the Trans Officer to Trans and Non-Binary Officer. There is an assumption that the Trans Officer only represents those students that have transitioned or wish to. However, there are students that do not identify as their assigned sex that do not wish to transition, or are not comfortable with the terms transgender. The name change increases visibility of these groups and allows for them to feel more involved and represented. It also works toward breaking down the view that gender is binary.
    Robert Barry Jennings
    12:24pm on 15 Mar 19 Im nonbinary myself, so im all for this idea! However, maybe im just missreading this, but the wording of this sorta implies that all NB people dont want to physically/medically transition, and that all binary-trans folk do.