Kayak Pool Taster Session

Kayak Pool Taster Session

Kayak Pool Taster Session

Wed 02 October 2019 19:30-21:40

New Parks Leisure Centre - Leicester

What time we meeting? - 19:30

Where? - We meet outside the Charles Wilson building and head down from there

Do I need anything? - Course, the essentials - yourself, a towel and a change of clothes (please dont wear jeans). We will provide spray decks as most people dont have em or don't wanna ruin their nice expensive decks by dipping it in chlorine. therfore we provide cheap and nasty ones that we don't really care about, its a win win if you ask me.

Anything else I need to know? - Probably, but these are the essential facts, if you have any worries or queries don't hesistate to drop us an email.


Looking forward to having you there!!