Give-It-A-Go Session 2 - Quadball

Give-It-A-Go Session 2 - Quadball



Wed 04 October 2023 14:00-16:00

Victoria Park by the Attenborough Building

Join us for the second Quadball Give-it-a-go session of the 2023/24 academic year. This will be a fun and beginner-friendly introduction to the sport and a great way to meet the team! Whether you've never played sport before or you're committed to the gym, we have something for everyone.


We will be starting at 2pm in Victoria park near the Attenborough building, please bring water and appropriate clothing for the weather (trainers are recommended). 


Join us at the pub after the session to get to know us and hopefully begin forming friendships (drinking is completely optional).


Hope to see you there!

Shade (he/they)

President of UoL Quadball