Women in Surgery

Women in Surgery

Women in Surgery

Sat 16 March 2019 09:45-16:30

Attenborough LT3

SCRUBs invites you to the Women In Surgery conference!

This will be a fantastic event with several inspiring female surgeons speaking about their careers and specialties.

Everyone is welcome to attend (all years and genders!) it will be a great opportunity to find out more about a surgical career, and hear firsthand what it's like to be a surgeon today.

Even if you aren't sure if surgery is for you, this would be a great event to see for yourself whether this is what you want to do, so come along anyway!

The day will consist of several talks in the morning and afternoon from surgeons in a variety of specialties. (with lunch provided thanks to sponsorship from Wesleyan and Pastest!) This will be followed by exciting workshops in the afternoon including suturing and career development.

We have our finalised speakers for the event as follows:

Miss Sarvananthan (Consultant ophthalmologist) 
Ms Weaver (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Dr Khare (Consultant in maternal fetal medicine) 
Mrs Jenkins (Paediatric Surgery) 
Ms Sarmah (General Surgery)

SCRUBs members: £5.00 (refundable once attendance is confirmed on the day)
Non-members: £5.00 non refundable.
(You can buy membership for all 5/6 years of uni on the SU website for £15)
PDPs will be provided to attendees