Goodbye from your Executive Officers

Oge Obioha, President

Leicester, it’s been real. What can I say?

Two years of blood, sweat, laughter, tears and too much pizza.

I have enjoyed being your Wellbeing Officer and loved even more being your President.

It has been nothing short of an amazing, energising, insightful, stressful yet rewarding experience.

We’ve been through media attention for our sexual harassment campaign and International Womxns Week campaign, speaking to BBC East Midlands Today about the BAME student awarding gap, industrial action and supporting our staff in their struggle for better working conditions, a coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of what we hope is a revolution.

As today is now my last day in office, I want to send a very big thank you to every single one of you that has continued to support me in my role.

To the University colleagues that have embraced change and continue to listen to and empower students in all they do.

To the Students’ Union staff that fight daily to support students, that put student needs and wellbeing above all else. For supporting me with projects, campaigns and events, and helping me flesh them out from an idea to what you see presented to you.

To every single student that got involved in one of my campaigns, that continually engage with the Students’ Union and consistently hold me to account and ensure I am doing all I can to support students, but I am not a one-person team. 

To Mia, Adnan, Sana, and Tony, thank you. Thank you for going on this journey with me and for being my team, my support system, and above all; my friends.


Sana Ali, Wellbeing Officer 

Thank you to the students who engaged with me, either through my projects or by having meetings with me.

I’ve loved working for students, but most of all working WITH students, and I value every contact I’ve had with you all.  

We’ve gotten so far in supporting students! Students of colour and their role of belonging, supporting student sex workers, supporting students and safe drug use, supporting student reps and raising concerns to the University and so much more!

May the good work continue and I am positive that it will.