Healthy Body Healthy Mind

This Varsity period, Leicester Students’ Union and De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) have teamed up to run a joint ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing positive campaigns that students take part in to form a positive culture around sport.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind will focus on three areas throughout the Varsity series, including: Nutrition, Men’s Mental Health and Sex Positivity.

Although Varsity engages with a lot of sporting students, this campaign is certainly not limited to those who participate in sport during the Varsity period. We want to encourage everyone at De Montfort University (DMU) and University of Leicester (UoL) to get involved, participate in Varsity and spread the message that ‘a healthy body or mind is not a one size fits all’.

You can follow the campaign on social media via the #HBHM hashtag.

‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ will emphasise the importance of looking after yourself, whether that is through rejecting diet culture and having a slice of pizza in your Varsity prep, to improving your language and behaviour around sex or mental health. Employing active self-awareness and self-care is the most important culture we want to surround sporting students with.

The video below features sportsmen from both DMU and Team Leicester and aims to encourage an open conversation about mental health. The video will be played at every Varsity men's game throughout the series to raise awareness.

Mia Nembhard, your Sports Officer 2019/20 and President-elect said: "The terms ‘healthy body’ and ‘healthy mind’ can appear as problematic; we have been socialised to associate healthy with a singular ideal. But having a healthy body is irrespective  of its shape, size, physical ability or disability, and a healthy mind is irrespective of mental or cognitive disabilities.

"We are reclaiming the term healthy and promoting it in a much more inclusive way. Health doesn’t have a look or routine: it’s a concept that has an individual meaning to all. I hope that during the Varsity season students employ some version of self care reflective of this, whether that’s rejecting diet culture or muting unhelpful posts on Instagram - do what you need to maintain your own health."

More information about Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is available here